About Us

Bonnell Langford delivers the most comprehensive Instructional Systems Design (I.S.D.) solution, and continuously develops new design—innovations that fuel our passion for Training, Education, and Enterprise implementations. This passion results in content that enables personnel and Subject Matter Experts to pursue new and bolder strategies. The results: a Training Department where Content moves freely, where people focus on what matters, and where knowledge and mobility are Key. It’s why we are BL.

Bonnell Langford maintains its position as a leader in Training and Knowledge Transfer. We are at the forefront of industry trends: The consumerization of IT through an app ecosystem that offers a user-friendly experience. BL is there.

Our Mission

At Bonnell Langford, knowledge never rests—nor should it. By training our clients with the latest advances in Adaptive Learning and I.S.D., we enable them to innovate within their business units and to achieve what had once been difficult. If you want a comprehensive Learning Solution that can empower you and your organization to reach your highest goals, let’s talk.

Mobile technology and delivery of effectively organized content will be effective and important for the next generation of learning organizations, and will be central to the next generation of learning content strategies.

Why is Training important in today’s market?

Increased Retention

Higher retention points to a successful training program.

Increased Efficiency

Operational efficiency raises the bottom line.

Personnel Satisfaction

Employees measure effectiveness immediately following training.

Return on Investment

ROI is a “catch all” metric.

We accelerate Performance…

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